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Goldstar reformulates its original DMHA pre-workout for 2017

Goldstar TripleX

When Goldstar Performance launched Triple X almost two years ago, it was the one that really started it all. It was the first pre-workout we reviewed featuring the now widely used DMHA, a stimulant we then said DMHA could be revolutionary if it started getting used in more complete formulas, which it did.

Since its introduction, Triple X hasn’t been able to hold off the insane rush of powerful DMHA competitors. However, it is still a pre-workout you can rely on. Now for 2017 Goldstar has made a few changes to the supplement’s formula that’ll see it continue to be a relevant and worthy competitor.

Goldstar TripleX

Four new ingredients

Most of the changes the brand has done to the pre-workout are with the addition of more ingredients, so it should only be able to perform better. The new features in Triple X are the stimulant eria jarensis, hordenine HCl, huperzine A, and phenylpiracetam. Goldstar has also swapped our its Infinergy dicaffeine malate supplying 300mg of caffeine for 350mg of caffeine anhydrous, and completely removed synephrine.

According to Goldstar, the updated Triple X should already be out in stores, so if you’re a fan or just interested in trying the new experience be on the lookout. If you’re wondering how to make sure you’re getting the 2017 reformulation, simply check the label for any of the new additions such as eria jarensis or phenylpiracetam.