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4+ Nutrition introduces the 50+ like 25+ RTD

4+ nutrition

4+ Nutrition is continuing its new release run today introducing yet another entirely new supplement. Following on from the launch of its RTD 50+ and seven new flavors, the Italian brand has now unveiled another RTD formula with 25+. Just like the recently revealed 50+, 4+ 25+ is a straightforward premixed protein solution. The big difference of course is right in the name, as instead of featuring 50g of protein 25+ has 25g. Like 50+, 25+ is also fat-free and available in three flavors, Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. Neither 25+ or 50+ are listed on 4+ Nutrition’s website just yet, although if they’re like any of the brand’s other new products they’ll be headed to stores soon if not on their way already.

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