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Two and a half times bigger Core Pro coming soon

core pro

Core has announced that fans will soon have another size to choose from for its protein powder Core Pro. At the moment the supplement comes in just the one 2lb 29 serving tub with five flavors, Chocolate Delight, Cinnamon Roll, Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter Ice Cream and Vanilla Cream. Making it two sizes for the product sometime soon is going to be a two and a half times bigger 5lb. Like with all larger options, the Core Pro 5lb menu will unfortunately be smaller with only three of its five flavors making the list in Chocolate Delight, Cookies & Cream and Vanilla Cream. While Core hasn’t given a date or anything for when the 5lb will be released, it is at least sounding like it will be here before we hit 2016.

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