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Core has got together with Moose Tracks for another decadent flavor of Core Pudd’n

Cookie Dough Moose Tracks Core Puddn

Core Pudd’n is Core Nutritionals’ protein-packed protein dessert that you simply combine with a specific amount of water, stir, and mix together, and you end up with a thick and creamy pudding that is significantly better for you. The supplement came to market in three standard flavors like Rocky Road and Fluffernilla, although it really took a turn and became significantly more delicious with the release of its two authentic collaborations, Chocolate Moose Tracks and Original Moose Tracks.

Core Nutritionals’ Moose Tracks flavors of Core Pudd’n are put together with Moose Tracks itself and are jam-packed full of inclusions, making for a significantly tastier experience, but that is not without sacrifice as the carbohydrates and sugar are much higher with 20g of protein but alongside 230 calories. Tomorrow, the reputable brand is dropping another authentic Moose Tracks flavor, bumping up the nutrition once again; however, packing an unforgettably delicious experience.

Joining Core Nutritionals’ original Moose Tracks collaborations, Chocolate Moose Tracks and Original Moose Tracks is Cookie Dough Moose Tracks, and to authenticate the flavor, the brand has filled it with decadent fudge pieces and chunks of cookie dough. It’ll have that usual 20g of protein per serving, and close to the same amount in carbohydrates, like the other Moose Tracks flavors, and it’ll be available first through Core’s online store at a regular price of $49.99 for a tub of 17 servings.