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More Muscletech Mission1 bar flavors on the way


If you haven’t heard Muscletech’s Mission1 bars taste pretty damn good. We found out for ourselves just how good they are and shared our experience last week in our Mission1 review. One of the things we mentioned in that review was that the supplement is a serious Quest bar competitor, matching up well in almost every area. Unfortunately there is one place that it falls behind by quite a bit, and that is the amount of flavors it has. That’s not overly surprising as Mission1 isn’t very old, however it is something Muscletech is in fact going to be changing soon.

The brand behind the highly anticipated product has confirmed that it already has a number of new Mission1 flavors in the works and on the way. As you could’ve probably guessed Muscletech hasn’t released any of their names. Although if any are as traditional as its current three, we suspect tastes like peanut butter, some kind of raspberry recipe and maybe a cinnamon effort, will be on the list. Whatever they turn out to be and whenever they end up being launched, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing if Muscletech can keep the Mission1 reputation strong.

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