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Mr. Skull not sounding like your traditional pre-workout formula

mr skull

When Black Skull unveiled its all new supplement Mr. Skull, the one the brand originally wanted to call Mr. Hyde. There wasn’t a whole lot of information released about it, with just its name and category. Black Skull has now followed up its unveiling with a short description, confirming a number of important details. The most interesting part is that Mr. Skull is in fact going to be a pre-workout pack, made up of capsules and tablets.

While we don’t have a facts panel or anything to confirm exactly what makes up Mr. Skull’s packs, Black Skull has revealed that each pack is a combination of four blends. In words straight from the Brazilian brand the four blends are being described as “insulin potentiator, performance enhancers, protein providers and vitamins”. We’re not quite sure what all that translates to ingredient wise, however it definitely sounds like Mr. Skull won’t be your traditional pre-workout formula.

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