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Performix Pump promising enhanced focus as well as pumps

performix pump

Performix has unveiled the supplement it confirmed early last month, introducing the all new Performix Pump. As previously revealed and just as the product is titled, Performix Pump is the brand’s pump pre-workout promising both pumps as well as enhanced focus. Like a lot of its competitors, the supplement is stimulant free and has been designed to be stacked with Performix’s stimulant powered pre-workout Ion. To go with today’s unveiling of Pump we do actually have its official label, confirming a combination of seven different ingredients.

Performix Pump does of course carry on the brand’s tradition of proprietaries, wrapping up all seven of its features in a 4.928g blend. As for the ingredients in that proprietary Performix has packed citrulline malate (2:1), agmatine, Nitrosigine (arginine silicate inositol), norvaline, KSM-66 ashwagandha, grape extract and BioPerine black pepper. If you feel that list suggests Pump is a little light based on its almost 5g blend weight, it is also worth mentioning that two servings is the maximum amount recommended. That does of course double the amount of the ingredients in the product to an almost 10g total.

While you can throw back two servings of Performix Pump at a time, that doesn’t exactly mean you’ll be going through it that quick. As it should, each tub of the stimulant free supplement has 40 servings, meaning you will get 40 workouts using one at a time or 20 if you decide to use its maximum. Pump is also due to be available in two different flavors, both taken from the brand’s Ion menu with Blue Ice and Tangerine.

The one last detail we have is when you can expect to see Performix Pump in stores, and it is in fact very soon. The brand has said fans can look forward to grabbing the product from its two big retailers, GNC and, sometime next month.

Performix Pump

performix pump

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