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Primeval’s Adrenal Rush and Engorge now available for pre-order


Primeval Labs recently made two pretty big announcements, unveiling two entirely new supplements, Adrenal Rush and Engorge. What makes the products so important is that they enter the brand in the incredibly competitive pre-workout category, one being stimulant powered (Adrenal Rush) and the other stimulant free. While we haven’t heard anything more on the supplements since they were unveiled last month. Primeval Labs has now put both products up for pre-order on its website with Adrenal Rush priced at $34.99, and Engorge $10 more at $44.99.

The prices certainly aren’t bad, especially coming straight from the brand, however there is one big downside to the pre-sale. If you do decide to secure yourself a bottle of Adrenal Rush, Engorge, or both, you will have to do so without knowing what’s in either pre-workout. Basically the facts panels for the two supplements have yet to be released, meaning you’ll be putting a lot of trust in the brand if you take advantage of the pre-order opportunity.

Regardless of what ever actually ends up being in Adrenal Rush and Engorge. One thing we know for sure is that both products are due to arrive Tuesday December 1st, which is in exactly 19 days.

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