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Protein Wars III, Round 1: Week 2 results see newcomers progress

protein wars

The results for week two, round one of this year’s Protein Wars are in, and just like the week before there are some notable names now out of the competition. Getting right into it the reigning champ, MTS Machine Whey finished in style with a strong 87%, sending Universal and Ronnie packing. American Metabolix managed to hold off Body’s Trutein and ALR Humapro with 40%, Beast beat out both Quest and one of the favorites Jym also on 40%, and BSN held its lead from the beginning against 4D and Metabolic.

The remaining two battles saw newcomer Muscle Elements’ the Truth take out USP Labs and Nutrabolics with 47%, and lastly another very new supplement, AI Whey Protein, surprisingly took down Gaspari and Cytosport finishing on 48%. The six winners join the five from the week before, MuscleMeds Carnivor, RivalUs Promasil, Muscle Sport Lean Whey, Pro Supps PS Whey and RSP Nutrition Whey. You can look forward to seeing all of them fighting it out again with this week’s five winners in round two, which will be two weeks long and kick off on Monday of next week.

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