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Reformulated Cannibal Ferox and Ferox 2.0 slightly different

ferox 2.0

Chaos and Pain recently released the latest version of its pre-workout supplement Cannibal Ferox, which brought with it two all new flavors, Blackberry Brutality and Jungle Warfare. Around that time an image of a product featuring the title Ferox 2.0 also popped up, suggesting the brand had finally numbered one of its many reformulations. As it turns that isn’t actually the case, or at least not the case for those that don’t shop at Amazon.

Basically the latest edition of Chaos and Pain’s pre-workout still goes by the name Cannibal Ferox. The only place it doesn’t is Amazon, where you will find it dressed in the label seen in the picture above, branded Cannibal Ferox 2.0. If you’re wondering if there’s a difference between Ferox and Ferox 2.0, the two are almost identical with everything being the same except Ferox has Noopept and 2.0 does not. The different colors and name are there to just set the two apart, although as mentioned Ferox 2.0 can only be found at Amazon.

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