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AminoX RTD slightly different from BSN’s original AminoX

aminox rtd

BSN’s Olympia unveiled AminoX RTD has finally arrived, almost three months after it was first spotted. The launch of the supplement has also brought with it the ingredients behind the formula, which are slightly different from the brand’s powder AminoX. Much like the original, BSN’s AminoX RTD does pack 10g of amino acids, although it is the combination of aminos making up that 10g that separates it a little from the powder.

For those that aren’t familiar with it, the original AminoX amino acid combination is BCAAs (leucine, valine, isoleucine), alanine, taurine and citrulline. That list is pretty much identical for the AminoX RTD except between alanine and taurine you have lysine and glycine. There is also another slight change with the BCAAs and citrulline, as they are PepForm branded BCAA and citrulline peptides.

At the moment the latest BSN product only appears to be available in the one location, the retailer GNC. The brand does have it on its own website, however it’s not yet in stock. If you head to GNC you can pick up a 12 bottle case of the AminoX RTD for $35.88, or $28.70 for Gold Card members, with two flavors to choose from in Fruit Punch and Watermelon.


aminox rtd

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