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Combat Series supplements turn out to be just carbohydrates and protein

black skull combat

Ever since Black Skull first unveiled its three supplement, BOPE (Brazil’s special operations police battalion) designed Combat Series, the mystery has been what’s in the products. All we previously knew was that they’re all quite large serving formulas, with names like Pre, Intra and Post Combat, suggesting they’re for pre, intra and post workout. Following on from the brand’s October announcement where it confirmed all three would be available in tubs to the public sometime soon. We’ve now finally got details on exactly what’s in each of the Combat Series supplements.

Much to our surprise the Combat Series formulas aren’t anywhere near as interesting as we expected them to be. Basically all three products are either made up of carbohydrates, or carbohydrates and protein. Pre Combat is a carb only supplement with 38g of carbs per serving, made up of maltodextrin and dextrose. Intra Combat mixes things up a little with 32g of carbs per serving, as well as 700mg of taurine. Last but not least is Post Combat, which is the only one of the three with protein at 18g per serving from whey concentrate, and a little bit less carbs at 13.5g.

While there really isn’t anything wrong with the Combat Series formulas, especially if you like carbohydrates and protein. We just expected something different, or at least somewhat creative, definitely not simple carb and protein combinations. If you want to check out Pre, Intra and Post Combat on Black Skull’s website, feel free to do so. Although there isn’t exactly a lot on there outside of what we mentioned with just facts panels, ingredients, flavors and sizes.

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