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International ENGN transparent and quite a bit different


As well as putting together an all new version of its pre-workout supplement ENGN, after all the drama went down around Pikatropin. EVLution Nutrition has also launched an international edition of the product that is quite a bit different from the original. Not only is the alternate version of the supplement a 100% transparent formula, but it also features a much bigger variety of ingredients.

Basically the international ENGN has six ingredients in common with the US edition, although also has six all new ingredients. The features carried over are 1.6g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 3g of creatine monohydrate in place a 2g creatine blend. Half a gram of tyrosine, 400mg choline bitartrate, 300mg of caffeine anhydrous instead of anhydrous and Infinergy dicaffeine malate, and 100mg of Alpha GPC.

As for the half that separates the product from the recently reformulated ENGN you have 2g of citrulline, 1g HydroMax glycerol. Half a gram of phenylalanine, 100mg each of grape skin and hawthorn berry extract, and lastly 50mg of norvaline.

Seeing as the international ENGN really doesn’t share a whole lot with the US version, fans can definitely expect a different kind of experience. If you are actually outside the US and within reach you can now purchase the new EVL supplement from for £28.52, with just one 30 serving flavor available at the moment in Blue Raz.

EVL ENGN (international version)


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