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New Grenade 50 Caliber featuring a 100% transparent formula

grenade 50 caliber

Details of an all new US version of the pre-workout Grenade 50 Caliber have surfaced today, seeing the brand make a number of changes compared to current formula. Before we go into it all it is worth mentioning that we don’t know where or when the updated product will be released, just that it’s something new coming from the brand. Basically the major changes to 50 Cal are that it is now a 100% transparent formula, and that it features a slightly smaller variety of ingredients.

The new Grenade 50 Caliber is broken down into three groups of ingredients, pump and strength, energy, and mind-muscle. Starting with the heaviest of the three, the pump and strength blend, the supplement brings together 4g of pure citrulline, 2g CarnoSyn beta-alanine and 1.5g of creatine HCl. Moving on down to 50 Cal’s energy profile you have a 400mg caffeine combination broken down into 300mg of anhydrous, and 50mg each of dicaffeine malate and PurCaf natural caffeine, as well as 60mg of Advantra Z. Last but not least is the mind-muscle blend featuring three different ingredients, 50mg each of theanine and higenamine, and 50mcg of huperzine A.

Based on the transparent formula, which you can see more of in the official facts panel below. It does look like the Grenade 50 Caliber we have details on here today, will perform a little differently compared to the current US edition. We won’t know exactly how different it is until we actually try the pre-workout for ourselves, although the product does still promote a similar mix of effects with energy, pump and strength.

New transparent Grenade 50 Caliber

grenade 50 caliber

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