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Methyl Mass 2.1 drops acacia and adds more theacrine

Methyl Mass 2.1

EST Nutrition fans, especially those that use the brand’s pre-workout supplement. May start to notice that Methyl Mass no longer has a “2.0” at the end of its name, instead it has been updated to Methyl Mass 2.1. Just as the title suggests, the product has been slightly reformulated. In short EST has dropped acacia and hordenine from the pre-workout, and thrown in more theacrine. Unfortunately since the supplement is a proprietary formula we don’t know how much more has been added, we do however know 2.1’s blend is 87mg heavier than 2.0’s. The semi-sequel product can already be found in stores, including the likes of the Vitamin Shoppe where Methyl Mass 2.1 is now available for $37.99 a tub.

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