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Mr. Skull not quite your typical pre-workout formula

mr skull

Details on Black Skull’s all new pre-workout Mr. Skull have finally been released, confirming that the supplement is indeed something a little different. We already figured the product wasn’t going to be your traditional pre-workout purely because it’s a pack type formula much like the multi-vitamins Animal Pak and Dedicated Pack. The details released reveal a rather strange combination for a pre-workout, with Black Skull bringing together vitamins, BCAAs, caffeine, and a long list other ingredients.

Basically looking at its facts panel, Mr. Skull’s 11 tablet pack is made up of mostly vitamins and minerals with features like 45mg of vitamin C, 240mcg folic acid and 7mg of zinc. As mentioned there are plenty of other ingredients in the mix including half a gram of carnitine, just over 3g of BCAAs at a ratio of 2:1:1. A rather high 420mg of caffeine, 2g of creatine monohydrate and 35mcg chromium picolinate.

Basically the Mr. Skull combination is very different from anything we’ve seen before. In fact if it weren’t for Black Skull officially promoting the supplement as a pre-workout, we probably would’ve classed it as some kind of caffeinated multi-vitamin. Despite how different the formula looks the brand is saying the product will “turn the monster Mr. Hyde that lies inside you into the beast Mr. Skull.”

For the full list of features in Mr. Skull check out Black Skull’s website, although we should mention some ingredients for whatever reason are listed twice on there.

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