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Muscle Elements unveils its extreme pre-workout PreCre XS

precre xs

Muscle Elements has just unveiled an entirely new supplement, that is actually a spin-off of one of its original four. The name of the upcoming product is PreCre XS, a more extreme or stimulant powered version of the brand’s current pre-workout, PreCre. While today we do have a first look at the supplement, revealing its name and a slightly different label design. Muscle Elements hasn’t exactly confirmed much else.

As you can see in the PreCre XS preview above, the only other details we have for the product are the five mystery doses listed on its bottle. Unfortunately due to the supplement being purposely blurred we can’t make out what ingredients those numbers belong to, regardless they are 5g, 420mg, 5g, 5mg and 1.2g.

If we had to take a guess at what some of those doses are for, we’d have to say the 420mg definitely sounds like caffeine. Also if PreCre XS is anything like PreCre, its two 5g and 1.2g highlights will likely match up to 5g of creatine, 5g of cyclic dextrin and 1.2g of beta-alanine.

More information for Muscle Elements’ PreCre XS is expected to come in over the next few weeks, as the pre-workout is due to be released late next month.

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