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Introducing Pumped Sports and its 2 supplements, Aktivate and Loaded

pumped sports

We always enjoy introducing new brands, regardless of where they are in the world. While most of the companies we talk about are here in the US, there are quite a few you’ll see on featured frequently that are from all corners of the world. For example you have Green Tea X50 in Australia, 4+ Nutrition from Italy, and even Black Skull who is now in the US, but is a Brazilian brand. Today we have another one from a small part of the world, not too far in fact from Green Tea X50, with the New Zealand brand Pumped Sports.

At the moment Pumped Sports is small like most in the beginning, with just two supplements, the fat burner Aktivate and pre-workout Loaded. Both products are 100% transparent, which definitely works in Pumped’s favor as Aktivate and Loaded are quite packed formulas.

The weight loss solution Aktivate is a combination of 16 different ingredients, bringing together both fat burning and energizing features. The supplement includes highlights such as 200mg each of choline and caffeine, 70mg Infinergy dicaffeine malate, 50mg theobromine and 40mg of higenmine. The product promises basically all the effects you can get with weight loss solutions from mood enhancement and increased focus, to decreased appetite and help with water loss.

As for Loaded, it almost actually brings together the same amount of ingredients as Aktivate with a total 15. Some of the highlights making up the pre-workout are 1.25g of betaine, 2.5g CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 1g each of taurine and Agmapure agmatine, 750mg Nitrosigine, 200mg caffeine and 75mg of Infinergy. Much like Aktivate, Loaded is promoted as an all-around competitor promising energy, pumps, focus and endurance.

You can’t really see it by looking at the highlights we have listed, but Loaded and Aktivate do have their similarities. The supplements do in fact share nine ingredients, most at very different doses. Which certainly isn’t a bad thing, as it may just mean fans who enjoy the feeling of one will probably enjoy the feeling of the other.

For those interested in a closer look at both of Pumped Sports’ formulas you can read more about the two products on the brand’s website, as well as purchase Aktivate and/or Loaded if you’re in the area of Australia and New Zealand.

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