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4+ Nutrition hints at another limited edition Whey+ flavor

4+ nutrition

Last year 4+ Nutrition really surprised us with a new limited edition flavor for its mainstream protein powder Whey+. The Italian brand revealed and released the Christmas edition Panettone Whey+, which was also a flavor we’d never seen before in the supplement industry. 4+ is now hinting at the coming of yet another limited edition flavor just like Christmas Panettone Whey+. However this time the brand is obviously relating the flavor to an entirely different celebration.

While 4+ has yet to really confirm any names or major clues, the few hints it has dropped do give us an idea about what it has coming. The fact that the brand is saying it has a follow up to its Christmas release, and that it will be a great gift for Valentine’s Day. Leads us to believe 4+ has put together a Valentines Edition Whey+. As to what that actually translates to flavor wise we have absolutely no idea, although after seeing Panettone Whey+ it could very easily be another industry first.

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