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4+ Nutrition pre-workout launching sometime this week

4+ nutrition

As we patiently wait to find out exactly what 4+ Nutrition’s recently teased limited edition Whey+ flavor is. The Italian brand has actually started teasing yet another new supplement it has coming very soon. Unlike the limited edition flavor which is believed to be themed around Valentine’s Day, the latest 4+ mystery product has had some information released on it. While we don’t yet have a name for the supplement, the brand has confirmed its category which is definitely an important detail on this occasion.

The new product being teased by 4+ Nutrition is in fact going to be a pre-workout formula, with its one effect promised so far being increased energy. The only other detail we have outside of the supplement’s category and effect is that it will be a powder product, so fans will have flavors to choose from. Fortunately the wait for more information on this one isn’t going to be very long, as 4+ is planning on launching the pre-workout sometime this week.

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