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MAN Sports relaunches CLA Powder in three flavors

cla powder

MAN Sports has launched its first new supplement for the year, with what is actually a relaunch of a current product. Basically the brand has taken its previously unflavored CLA Powder and given it the candy flavor treatment. The supplement is now available in three actual flavors with Dorks, Blue Bomb-Sicle and the Sour Patch Kids inspired Sour Batch. It is also worth pointing out that unlike the original MAN’s new flavored CLA Powders don’t have 100 servings, instead they’ve been dropped to half with 50.

Like all of the brand’s new products, its updated CLA Powder has been introduced through its 1%ers club with a handful of great deals. In total there are three money-saving combinations to choose from, priced between 25 and $45. The cheapest option is one CLA Powder for $25, two for $40 and three for $45, each coming with a free shorty shaker and samples. To get in on the action and grab yourself the latest from MAN Sports, simply head on over to the CLA Powder deals page on the brand’s website.

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