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Core releases everything you need to know about Core Zzz

core zzz

In preparation for tomorrow’s launch of its nighttime formula Core Zzz, Core Nutritionals has released everything you need to know about the supplement. Up until today the brand hadn’t really revealed anything about the product other than the fact that it’s flavored and promises sleep support and increased recovery. We can now tell you that Core Zzz packs a total of 10 main ingredients, all of which as you’d expect have been transparently dosed.

Starting from the top of the supplement’s label, Core Nutritionals has gone with the usual ZMA combination of 10mg of vitamin B6, 450mg magnesium and 30mg zinc. Moving on to the other seven you have 3g each of GABA and glycine, 1g tryptophan, half a gram each of mucuna pruriens and valerian extract, 400mg ornithine and 5mg of melatonin. As promised and as you can see Core Zzz is quite packed, with the product including a lot of the common sleep aid and overnight recovery ingredients.

Unlike a lot of Core Nutritionals’ supplements, Core Zzz is actually only going to be available in just the one flavor. The previously previewed Razzzberry Lemonade is all fans will have to choose from, which is coming in the one 20 serving tub size. For those wondering why the product is a 20 serving instead of the traditional 28 or 30, it’s because the brand only recommends using Core Zzz five times a week, so it will still last you the usual four weeks.

As mentioned earlier Core Nutritionals will be launching Core Zzz direct through its own website tomorrow, with another one of its unmissable introductory deals. We don’t yet know what the deal is going to be, but if it’s like any of the brand’s others it will involve a discount, samples and free shipping. If for whatever reason you’d rather pick up the supplement from a retailer, you will have to wait just a little bit longer as Core Zzz won’t start shipping out to stockists until next week.

Core Nutritionals Core Zzz

core zzz

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