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Fighter Fuel V3 gets more than just an increase in ClusterDextrin

fighter fuel v3

Following on from its confirmation of the sequel last week, Nutrabio has now officially launched its reformulated pre-workout Fighter Fuel. With the launch has also come confirmation of all the differences between the new and old versions of the supplement, which as expected is a lot more than just the previously confirmed increase in ClusterDextrin. In total Nutrabio has made over 10 changes to the product’s formula, ranging from the addition of new ingredients to a number of increases to current ones.

Starting with the ClusterDextrin, the new Fighter Fuel has 4g more than its predecessor with a total 19g. The sequel also has twice as much huperzine-A, 6g of l-citrulline dl-malate (2:1) as opposed to a 5g combination of citrulline and citrulline malate, a different creatine blend with 3g of HCl and monohydrate, and over three times as much betaine with its 800mg being replaced by 2.5g. Moving on down the list we have the slightly smaller changes including an added 500mg of OKG (ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate), an extra 1.5g of leucine, double the amount of alanine, and a handful of added vitamins and minerals.

Fans interested in picking up the now much more packed out Nutrabio Fighter Fuel, can already purchase the supplement direct from the brand’s website. Both of its 20 serving flavors Green Apple and Raspberry Lemonade are in stock, and available for $55.28 a tub.

Nutrabio Fighter Fuel V2

fighter fuel v3

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