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Haleo Trigger driven by 400mg of Peak ATP per capsule

haleo trigger

Haleo has just revealed and released its fourth supplement, introducing the smart ergogenic formula Haleo Trigger. The brand describes the product as “energy in a pill”, which may have you thinking it’s some kind of stimulant powered supplement. As it turns out Trigger is in fact an individual ingredient formula featuring the increasingly popular performance ingredient PeakATP (adenosine triphosphate).

In total each bottle of the all new Haleo Trigger packs 40 capsules, with the common 400mg dose of Peak ATP in each. It is recommended that you take the product at one capsule a day, regardless of whether or not you’re working out, although on workout days you can bump it up to two. The brand promises all the usual effects of the supplement’s star ingredient including increased blood flow, reduced fatigue and enhanced physical performance.

As mentioned Haleo Trigger has both been revealed and released today, with the product now available through the brand’s website. Haleo has priced Trigger at $44.97 a bottle, which at the most will last you 40 days or if you double the dose on workout days and train about five times a week, you’ll be looking at just over three weeks worth.

Haleo Trigger

haleo trigger

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