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Royalty unveils its grass-fed isolate protein ISO Luxe

iso luxe

Royalty Nutrition has just unveiled its next new supplement, introducing the whey isolate protein powder ISO Luxe. Like a lot of small or young brands entering the protein market recently, Royalty has made ISO Luxe with a few differences to help it stand out in the crowded category. Not everything is known about the product just yet, but definitely enough for you to decide whether or not it’s something you’d be interested in.

The only macro we know of for Royalty ISO Luxe is 25g of protein per serving. Despite none of the others being revealed just yet, the supplement’s highlights are really what make it interesting. Firstly the 25g of protein is from grass-fed whey isolate, with the formula also featuring digestive enzymes for enhanced absorption. Some other details worth mentioning include ISO Luxe being naturally flavored with stevia, non-GMO and lactose free.

When it comes to options, so far Royalty has confirmed just the one 2lb tub size for ISO Luxe in two flavors, Vanilla Custard and Chocolate Pearls. According to the brand the protein powder is going to be ready to go in a couple of weeks, which should put it on shelves before February comes around.

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