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MAN Pump Powder unveiled and set to replace NOO Pump

man pump powder

MAN Sports has just unveiled the supplement we kind of saw coming, with the all new pump pre-workout simply titled MAN Pump Powder. The only thing we have to go off at the moment is the preview of the product which basically confirms the name, tub size and a few other pieces of information. The most important detail is that the supplement is a pump formula, that is officially going to replace MAN’s current pump competitor NOO Pump.

As for all the details revealed outside of the name, we know that MAN Pump Powder will have a tub weight of 225g. Zero stimulants, a fully transparent label, and at least one flavor with the brand’s popular Sour Patch Kids inspired Sour Batch. As always the latest from the brand is going to be launched through its 1%er insider group within the next week or two, so be sure to subscribe to the list if you haven’t already.

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