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Top 5 Brands Of 2015: MAN Sports consistent as always

man sports

Coming in at 4th on our list of top 5 brands of 2015 is one that was actually 5th in our top 5 brands of 2014. The top rated company making the cut is none other than MAN Sports, who was without a doubt relevant year round in 2015. The brand didn’t stop promoting and releasing new innovations, and was there with sales even on the smallest of occasions.

MAN Sports really kicked off 2015 with the unveiling of its now well known stimulant powered, testosterone boosting pre-workout, PepTest Bulk. The action surprisingly didn’t stop there for January, as the brand quickly followed up the PepTest unveiling with three new Seek and Destroy snapbacks and a Skittles inspired flavor for ISO-Amino. Moving on into February MAN still kept the innovations coming introducing yet another candy ISO-Amino flavor with the Nerds inspired Dorks.

It was still in February and not too long after the Dorks ISO-Amino dropped that MAN launched its long-awaited fat burner Lean PhD. The weight loss supplement was said to be coming soon for quite some time, and as expected did not disappoint. The formula was definitely unique, bringing together a rather different combination of ingredients. Despite Lean PhD originally being released in February, we didn’t manage to get time to review it until later in the year. When that time finally came however we were not disappointed as we found the fat burner so effective it landed a spot on our list of top 10 weight loss products.

With such a solid start to the year it was no surprise that MAN still had more to come. It was around the Arnold Classic in March that we got our first look at what later turned out to be the muscle building supplement Delta XT. While the seven ingredient formula was previewed early in the year, it didn’t actually hit shelves until much later with the brand officially launching Delta XT roughly five months after the teaser in August.

blood orange noo pump

As unfortunate as the wait was between MAN’s Delta XT teaser and its release, fans definitely didn’t have anything to complain about. Between the teaser and release in August, the brand introduced more new products and did more newsworthy sales than some of its competitors did the entire year. MAN fans were treated to a new hoodie, a blowout sale on N-Force and Fermented Leucine, a trial size Lean PhD, another flavor for NOO Pump in Blood Orange. The Super Scooper for Game Day, Tigers Blood for PepTest Bulk, buy one get ones on Pure PF3, another snapback, and a few more flavors for ISO-Amino including the Swedish Fish inspired Sweet Delish.

In the second half of the year the exciting innovations did keep coming, with the biggest bit of news being MAN’s confirmation of an all new Game Day. While that one has still yet to be revealed, the news of the new version alone was interesting enough. The excitement all stems of course from the success of the current formula, which even after a number of years still sits on our list of top 10 pre-workouts.

The news of the Game Day sequel was followed a month later by a great opportunity for fans with MAN’s Scratch & Dent sale. Basically it gave users of Body Octane and Clout a chance to pick up some slightly clumped, but still effective tubs at greatly discounted prices.


In the last few months of the year things did slightly slow down for MAN with one new supplement and some interesting teasers. The new supplement was the triple size 90 serving ISO-Amino, made available in just three flavors Sour Batch, Fruit Smash and Dorks. As for the teasers, all that we know so far is that it has five new products on the way. One of those five is of course the highly anticipated Game Day sequel, with the other four currently anyone’s guess.

As mentioned in the beginning, MAN Sports really brought its A game last year. While a couple of months were more busy and exciting than others such as February and August, there was never a quiet month for fans of the brand in 2015. MAN definitely kept the excitement going throughout the year, and based on the fact that it has five more new supplements coming early this year, 2016 is looking like it’s going to be just as good as 2015.

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