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New stim-free pre could be the reason MAN is clearing out NOO Pump

man sports

MAN Sports has released a photograph today giving us a bit an idea on why NOO Pump has been on sale recently. If you’re like us you may have been wondering if the brand was discounting the supplement so much because it’s getting ready to replace it. Coincidentally the image MAN has dropped today suggests exactly that, as it features a product designed to be stacked with the brand’s pre-workout PepTest Bulk.

From there it’s fairly easy to figure out that MAN has a new pre-workout supplement coming, that is of course stimulant free since it has the ability to be stacked with PepTest. Outside of the fact that it can be taken pre-workout and stacked with PepTest, we know very little else about the actual product. While the mystery supplement does definitely sound exciting, we are going to have to wait a little bit longer for it as MAN it saying it won’t be available for a couple more weeks.

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