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Rebranded IsoFlex adds Pineapple Coconut to make it 8 different flavors


AllMax Nutrition has rebranded its isolate protein powder Isoflex, giving it a look a lot more in line with its recently released sequel supplement AllWhey Gold. Everything from the placement of Isoflex’s name and details to its colors and graphics, are basically the same as they are on AllWhey Gold. The rebrand is also bringing a new flavor with it, as the updated product is being promoted as having eight different options, one more than what’s currently on AllMax’s website.

The seven flavors you can find Isoflex in at the moment are Arctic Orange Milkshake, Banana Creme Supreme, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint Supreme, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. The rebranded supplement is still coming in every one of those seven, some getting slightly different names, with the new addition to the menu being Pineapple Coconut. By the looks of things the updated Isoflex is now available, so expect to see it in stores soon.

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