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4+ introduces another industry first flavor with Spicy Love Whey+

spicy love whey+

4+ Nutrition has unveiled its second ever limited edition flavor today, and just as we suspected it is another industry first. It was just over one month ago that we saw the Italian brand’s first limited edition, with the Christmas Whey+ flavor Panettone. 4+ has now followed that up with a Valentine’s Day inspired recipe, introducing the never before seen Spicy Love Whey+.

While the name may be very fitting for the occasion, you are probably wondering what kind of flavor Spicy Love Whey+ actually is. In the words of the brand the recipe is a chocolate base mixed with a “Spicy Love matrix composed of ginger extract, cinnamon extract, maca extract and chili pepper extract.” Basically the flavor is just as its title suggests, a spicy driven experience with a bit of chocolate also in the mix.

Stock of Spicy Love Whey+ has just landed at 4+ Nutrition’s warehouse and is expected to be hitting stores soon, which will give fans plenty of time to pick it up before Valentine’s Day.

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