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4+ Nutrition introduces its mystery pre-workout supplement Ante+


4+ Nutrition is keeping the pressure on this week, as it has followed up yesterday’s launch of the unflavored hydrolyzed casein formula Hydro Casein with yet another new supplement. The latest from the brand is actually the mystery product it teased last week, finally introducing the pre-workout competitor Ante+. Like most pre-workouts these days the supplement is a 100% transparent formula, featuring a surprisingly complex combination of common pre-workout ingredients.

In total 4+ Nutrition’s new Ante+ packs eight main ingredients, all of which you’ve heard of and most likely seen together before. The features making up a single serving of the pre-workout are 3g of creatine, at an unknown amount of citrulline dl-malate, 1.5g beta-alanine. 1g each of taurine and ALCAR (acetyl l-carnitine), 830mg arginine AKG, 750mg tyrosine, and 150mg of the classic stimulant caffeine. The combination promises all the usual effects of each of its ingredients, with the main highlight being an overall increase in performance.

As it does with all of its new supplements, 4+ Nutrition has immediately released Ante+ direct through its official store. Fans within reach of the store can pick up the pre-workout for €40 in two 24 serving flavors, Lemon Lime and Tutti Frutti.

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