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Animal’s Secret Project looking like a new pre-workout


Last month Animal made a rather vague announcement saying that it had a new supplement coming soon. The product was being referred to as the brand’s “Secret Project”, which we still don’t have any exact details on. What we do have however is an image of a prototype supplement, that could very well be the Secret Project we heard about last month. If it is in fact the formula Animal is keeping under wraps, then it does answer some of our previous questions.

In our original post on Animal’s Secret Project, we speculated that the product likely belongs to a major category as that would explain why the brand is being so secretive. Based on that we figured it would mean we’re in for a reformulation of either Animal Rage, Pump or Cuts. Looking at the picture of the Animal prototype we feel we can now rule out a new Animal Cuts as the image is of a tub. While it is of course entirely possible that the brand could be doing a flavored fat burner, a stimulant or stimulant free pre-workout is a lot more likely.

As for which one of those two we think Animal’s Secret Project actually is, we’d have to go with a replacement for Animal Rage XL. The only reason we feel that is what we’re in for is because the pre-workout game is so competitive, with brands these days reformulating or releasing new supplements almost every year. Animal Rage XL was also originally introduced back at the end of 2013, which is almost two and a half years ago.

Fortunately we won’t be waiting too long before we get some actual details from Animal, as if you remember more on the Secret Project is expected to be revealed at the Arnold Classic.

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