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BIO3 IntraCell 7 coming soon from Primeval Labs and Jerry Ward

bios3 intracell7

Primeval Labs has unveiled an all new supplement that’s been put together with the help of its very own athlete Jerry Ward of BIOS3 Training. The name of the product is BIOS3 IntraCell 7, which at the moment we know very little about. The only official details we actually have are its name, that it belongs to the intra-workout category, and that it will be available in at least one flavor with Blue Razz.

Despite not having a whole lot of information to go off, we do feel Primeval has released enough to speculate. Based on the fact that BIOS3 IntraCell 7 is an intra-workout formula, we have to assume BCAAs are going to be somewhere in the supplement. Being quite a big looking product there will obviously be more to it than just BCAAs, with other amino acids also being highly likely.

After seeing Primeval’s twist on pre-workouts with the system of Adrenal Rush, Erupt and Engorge, we are definitely expecting a surprise or two when it completely unveils BIOS3 IntraCell 7. The fact that it’s been formulated by one of the brand’s athletes also means it will likely have a few things different. More on the supplement is said to be coming very soon, which could mean the next few days or at Primeval’s Arnold booth in four day’s time.

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