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Shatter Black Onyx Ripped revealed and a little heavier than the original

shatter black onyx ripped

Earlier this week we got a look at a new addition to Muscletech’s SX-7 Black Onyx Series. The supplement introduced was the first spin-off of the line’s pre-workout Shatter Black Onyx with Shatter Black Onyx Neuro. The product is just as its title suggests, a more focused powered pre-workout experience. Only a few days later we now have confirmation of yet another spin-off of the same very supplement with Shatter Black Onyx Ripped.

Much like we had with the reveal of Shatter Black Onyx Neuro, at the moment all we have on Shatter Black Onyx Ripped is a preview. Fortunately it does give us enough of a look to confirm that the product is what it sounds like, a hybrid formula covering both pre-workout and weight loss.

While we do know there are going to be quite a few ingredients in the supplement, currently there is only one that we know of which will be helping the product out in the area of fat burning. Much like a lot of Muscletech weight loss supplements, Shatter Black Onyx Ripped is going to feature green coffee bean (canephora robusta) at an unknown amount, although the brand does usually go with 200mg a serving.

The main reason we know there are a few more ingredients on top of green coffee bean, is because the preview does give us a serving size for Shatter Black Onyx Ripped. Each tub of the product does in fact weigh in at 476g with 60 servings per tub, working out to just under 8g per serving. It’s also worth noting that 8g is quite a bit heavier than the serving size of both the original Shatter Black Onyx and Neuro by around 40%.

No doubt more information on both Shatter Black Onyx Ripped and Neuro will be released, as we saw last, Muscletech moves fairly quick from previews to details, then availability.

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