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Black Skull’s US edition of Bone Crusher severely under dosed

black skull bone crusher

When Black Skull launched in the US a few months back with a fraction of its line, we figured it was only a matter of time before the brand brought a few more of its supplements stateside. It’s now been confirmed that Black Skull is bringing over one of its Eduardo Correa Series products, with the pre-workout Bone Crusher. It has actually reformulated the supplement for the US, however we’re not exactly excited for it after seeing its facts panel.

While we don’t always judge books by their covers, or in this case products by their labels, as we like to give brands the benefit of the doubt. Black Skull does make it very hard to be interested in its US edition of Bone Crusher. In total the pre-workout features five ingredients all of which are wrapped up in a 2g per serving proprietary blend, with one serving being the maximum recommended. The five features making up that 2g, in order are creatine monohydrate, taurine, caffeine, beta-alanine and arginine.

With the five ingredients all being in a proprietary blend we don’t know any of their doses, however at a combined weight of 2g we don’t feel there is much point in even trying to figure any of them out. For those that don’t see anything odd about Black Skull’s Bone Crusher formula, we’ll give you a few comparisons.

Firstly most pre-workouts that have creatine monohydrate have more than 2g, although in Bone Crusher 2g is its combined total of creatine, taurine, caffeine, beta-alanine and arginine. The same can be said for beta-alanine which we’ve seen over 4g in some supplements, but in Bone Crusher it’s actually at a lower dose than its unknown amount of caffeine.

Basically we don’t see the US edition of Bone Crusher coming anywhere near the effectiveness of even an average pre-workout based on how underdosed it appears. As mentioned we do like to give brands the benefit of the doubt so given the chance we would fairly review the product, however it’s not something we’re going to invest any money in when it arrives.

Black Skull Bone Crusher (US edition)

black skull bone crusher

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