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BodyForge Ultra confirmed in Neogenix Ultra Series announcement

bodyforge ultra

At the moment half of Neogenix’s supplements have progressed from their original formula to a 3.0 version, which includes NeuroSurge and the fat burner Velocity. The other half are still back at 2.0 with Supremacy and BodyForge, although the latter is technically a little further along at 2.1. It now appears that Neogenix is going to be updating its pre-workout BodyForge, however instead of going to 3.0 it is going to be called BodyForge Ultra.

The sequel supplement has been announced in combination with the brand’s Ultra Series, suggesting that BodyForge isn’t the only product Neogenix is upgrading. While it does sound like more than one Ultra supplement is on the way, BodyForge Ultra is the only one we have information on. Unfortunately we don’t have a lot on the product, with just its tub weight and amount of servings which are identical to its predecessor at 270g and 30 servings.

For now both BodyForge Ultra and the Ultra Series itself are only said to be coming soon, although since we haven’t actually heard from Neogenix in quite some time we may not be in for too much of a wait.

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