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BSN has an edge for the Arnold Sports Festival

bsn edge

BSN has released a teaser today of a couple of supplements that are going to be unveiled at the Arnold Sports Festival. The image features a total of two products, both of which are connected with the line in the teaser “We Have An Edge. What’s Yours?” Based on that our guess as to what BSN has in store for us is of course the Edge Series, a line that is available in Europe and was previously promised for the US.

The big difference of course with the Edge Series the brand is teasing for the Arnold, is that you can clearly see it involves two supplements. Those that have come across the Edge Series in Europe will know that it is currently only made up of the one protein powder, Syntha-6 Edge. We feel that is likely going to be one of the two BSN plans on unveiling at the Arnold, with the other one obviously being something significantly smaller that we’re not exactly ready to take a guess at yet.

Fortunately with the Arnold due to kick off on Friday, we are only just four days away from finding out what BSN has put together. As mentioned based on all the clues it is sounding like the Edge Series is going to be introduced, although not without a surprise as the smaller of the two products in the teaser does leave us wondering.

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