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Caffeine Free G Fuel also gets an improved electrolyte blend

caffeine free g fuel

If you’re a fan of Gamma Labs’ flagship formula G Fuel, and for whatever reason don’t like its inclusion of caffeine you can now actually get the energy supplement without it. The brand has just revealed and released its new Caffeine Free G Fuel, which we can’t imagine being as effective as the original although the product is still promising energy, focus and endurance. To make up for the loss of caffeine Gamma has tweaked the formula a little as well as given it an extra selling point.

On top of taking out the 150mg of caffeine per scoop, the brand has given its Caffeine Free G Fuel an improved electrolyte blend and also made it free of artificial colors and flavors. Unlike the regular G Fuel, Gamma’s caffeine free edition only comes in the one size and flavor with a 40 serving orange flavored tub. The price on however it is exactly the same as the caffeinated version at $35.99. To pick up the latest addition to the G Fuel line simply head to, where the Caffeine Free G Fuel is now in stock.

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