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Chaos and Pain finally unveils its third protein powder Cannibal Kraken

cannibal kraken

Last year Chaos and Pain said it had three new protein powders on the way. Only two of those three were launched in 2015 with the whey isolate formula Cannibal Weight and protein blend Cannibal Cronus. The brand has now finally introduced protein powder number three, with the 100% pure whey protein formula Cannibal Kraken. The short pure whey description is the only real detail we have on the supplement’s formula at the moment, although we do know that Cannibal Kraken isn’t going to be a 2lb like Weight and Cronus.

The one size we know for sure Chaos and Pain’s third protein powder will be available in is a traditional 5lb, squeezing in a massive 77 servings. Based on that we get the sense that Cannibal Kraken is going to set itself apart from the brand’s others by being the more cost-effective protein solution. When it comes to flavors Carnivorous Chocolate is the only taste confirmed for the new product so far, which fans may know from the menus of Cannibal Cronus and Weight’s menus.

We are obviously missing a lot of information, including the all important nutrition label, although stay tuned as we should have more on that and Cannibal Kraken’s launch soon.

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