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Carnivor Shred the latest addition to MuscleMeds’ beef protein family

carnivor shred

MuscleMeds has finally unveiled its mystery supplement, introducing yet another addition to the Carnivor family. With already so many different members in the line there wasn’t a lot of room for the brand to add another, however it managed to find space for the fat burning protein powder Carnivor Shred. The product is a pretty straightforward combination of MuscleMeds’ beef protein formula and a small weight loss blend.

The facts panel of Carnivor Shred is basically identical to that of the regular Carnivor, except of course for the blend. Each serving of the new MuscleMeds supplement packs 23g of protein, 8g of carbohydrates (1g fiber), zero fat, zero sugar, and just 120 calories.

As for where Carnivor Shred gets the second half of its name from, its fat burning blend comes in at a weight of 320mg per serving. Making up that 320mg are five ingredients with caffeine, green tea, yerba mate, green coffee bean and Super-6-Paradol (grains of paradise). The extra features give the product quite a few additional highlights including increased energy, hunger reduction, thermogenesis and help with cravings.

Currently MuscleMeds is only promoting Carnivor Shred as coming soon, although as previously mentioned it is expected to be launched at the Arnold in exactly one week. Until then you can read a little more about the supplement and its contents on the brand’s website at

MuscleMeds Carnivor Shred

carnivor shred

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