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Chocolate Cream Carb Killa coming to the US next week

chocolate cream carb killa

While Grenade did already reveal that it has three new flavors coming soon for its delicious protein bar Carb Killa. It turns out it does in fact have one more on the way, although unlike the other three the latest to be unveiled is going to be launched in the US. Following on from the news of White Chocolate, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Crunch comes confirmation of Chocolate Cream.

If you’re like us you may be wondering if this one tastes anything like Carb Killa’s UK flavor Fudge Brownie, and just has a slightly different name. We did ask Grenade that same very question, with the brand confirming that Chocolate Cream is definitely not the same recipe as Fudge Brownie or even the other upcoming chocolate effort Chocolate Crunch.

Fans of Grenade’s incredible tasting protein bar will actually be able to find out exactly how Chocolate Cream tastes soon, as it is due to be available sometime next week. As mentioned it is going to be released in the US before anywhere else, so if you’re interested keep an eye on the brand’s website at

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