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Fusion Bodybuilding working on a three flavor protein powder

fusion protein

Fusion Bodybuilding has released a teaser today of an all new supplement it is currently working on. While an image of three sample bags is all the brand has revealed, we feel there is almost no need for anything more. In each of the three bags is a powder that points us in just one direction, as we’re fairly certain Fusion is working on a protein powder.

Even though the brand’s teaser is just a photograph, the powder looks exactly like that of a protein formula. The colors of each sample bag also suggest protein, as they all match up with traditional protein flavors in chocolate, vanilla and chocolate peanut butter.

Since the product is only in testing, it’s really no surprise that Fusion hasn’t mentioned anything about when the suspected protein will be available. In saying that we don’t actually imagine it arriving anytime soon anyway, as we are still waiting on the mystery supplement unveiled last month, X-Frame.

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