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MAN Sports’ new Game Day makes use of the exciting stimulant DMHA

game day

While it wasn’t expected to be released until sometime tomorrow, MAN Sports has gone and launched its all new pre-workout supplement Game Day. With the release has of course finally come the reveal of the product’s label, confirming an interesting combination of 12 different ingredients. The sequel does in fact share quite a bit with its predecessor, meaning Game Day fans are likely going to enjoy MAN’s latest pre-workout effort.

The 2016 version of Game Day is divided up into two proprietary blends, promising everything from energy and focus to strength and pumps. The first proprietary in the supplement is actually almost identical to the previous edition with a 2.635g blend of glycerol monostearate, GlycoCarn (glycine propionyl-l-carnitine), PF5, norvaline and rutaecarpine. The only difference there is that MAN has swapped PF3 for PF5, although the ingredient is still being described as serum protein concentrate.

Next we have Game Day’s stimulant blend, which is where the brand has made all the changes. From top to bottom the new product’s second proprietary lists tyrosine, 300mg of caffeine, cymbidium goeringii, the exciting stimulant DMHA (2-amino-6-methylheptane), Lean Green green tea, cocoa plant extract and yohimbine HCl. The interesting part about that list is of course the inclusion of DMHA, a stimulant that we found out first hand can deliver a level of focus like nothing else on the market.

Like with all new MAN supplements, its reformulated Game Day has been launched with a handful of introductory deals. The cheapest is a full size 30 serving tub for $38.99, then $59.98 for Game Day and ISO-Amino, and finally Game Day and the stackable pump pre-workout Pump Powder for $69.98. All three offers also come with samples as well as free US shipping. You can check them all out and make your purchase of the new Game Day at

MAN Sports Game Day (2016 version)

game day

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