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MAN Sports unveils Clean Protein, the one we’ve all been waiting for

 clean protein

As we continue to wait for the release of MAN Sports’ reformulated Game Day, the brand has surprisingly gone and unveiled its first ever protein powder Clean Protein. Being the secretive brand that it is, MAN is keeping almost all of the product’s details under wraps. The only things we know at the moment are the few highlights the brand decided not to blur in the preview it’s just released.

Starting with the most interesting detail, we can confirm that Clean Protein will be a transparent formula. If that means what we think it does, MAN will be disclosing the exact amount of each protein source in the supplement, which also means Clean Protein is a protein blend. Next we can confirm that each of the product’s serving has a total of 24g of protein, with 23 servings packed into its 1.8lb bag.

As you can see there is still a lot more information to be revealed, including things like macros, other sizes if there are any, and flavors. The last item on that list is definitely something we’re looking forward to, as if MAN’s ISO-Amino flavors are anything to go by Clean Protein’s menu is going to be incredible.

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