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Muscle Delight review: Axis Labs surprisingly nails French Toast

muscle delight review

While we don’t do protein reviews too often, there are always a few we make an effort to try purely because they look quite interesting. Axis Labs’ Muscle Delight was one of those, although not because it has something special in its formula, but because it comes in a flavor we’ve never seen before. That unique flavor is French Toast which we have managed to get a hold of along with two of the product’s other tastes, for today’s Muscle Delight review.

S’Mores and Chocolate Cake weaker than expected

Starting with the flavor we least liked out of the three, we have S’Mores. Surprisingly this one doesn’t taste anywhere near as good as we had hoped. It does have an interesting sweet side to it that gives the somewhat obvious chocolate a traditional s’mores touch, however the overall combination is very weak. Even when you mix it with less water for a thicker shake, the flavor still doesn’t seem to come out with the consistency almost further disguising the s’mores attempt.

Next up for us is another surprise with Axis Labs’ Chocolate Cake Muscle Delight. Much like S’Mores, the supplement’s chocolate flavor is unfortunately a bit on the weak side. While it does definitely have enough flavor to call itself chocolate, the sweetness that usually sells the taste just isn’t there. It is a little better when you concentrate it down with less water, although even then it’s the thicker consistency that makes Chocolate Cake more enjoyable, not the actual flavor.

French Toast the star of Muscle Delight

Last but not least in our Muscle Delight review is French Toast, the flavor that immediately got our attention when the supplement was originally announced. The most interesting thing about this one isn’t that it’s the first French Toast flavored protein, but that it is a significantly better flavor than any of the product’s others.

What instantly makes French Toast Muscle Delight better than Chocolate Cake, S’Mores or the unmentioned Vanilla Ice Cream, is that it brings together more than one strong flavor and nails its title taste. It is has the perfect balance of everything it needs, with all of us coming to the same conclusion that it’s about as close to French Toast as you’ll get when it comes to supplements. The flavor packed recipe has all the classic tastes with hints of maple and what we can only describe as an eggy toast touch.

Industry first flavor the one to try

Like most probably, it was French Toast that originally attracted us to Axis Labs’ Muscle Delight. While it did sound interesting we never thought it would turn out well, as we just couldn’t imagine a flavor like that translating. Strangely enough it did, as French Toast is in fact the product’s best flavor with the other three falling into the area of average. We are saying other three flavors there as despite not including it in our review, we did actually try Vanilla Ice Cream but didn’t feel its experience was worth sharing.

Basically out of all the Muscle Delight flavors French Toast is the one you want to try. Whether you’re looking for something different or simply interested in giving the supplement a go, it is a very unique, creative flavor that also just happens to be the best one on Muscle Delight’s menu.

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