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MuscleMeds sampling three new Carnivor flavors at the Arnold Classic


With the 2016 Arnold Classic just 18 days away, news continues to come in of brands set to unveil or launch supplements at one the industry’s biggest events. The latest brand to confirm that it will have something worth taking a look at is the bright red MuscleMeds. The brand has revealed that at its Arnold booth it is going to have a testing station for visitors to sample a few new Carnivor protein flavors.

MuscleMeds hasn’t revealed what any of the flavors are, but has said there will be a total of three. To make things even more interesting only one of those three will eventually be released, as at the Arnold the brand is also taking votes on which one people like the most. Those who participate won’t be wasting their time either, as for their efforts MuscleMeds is going to reward testers with a free Carnivor sample.

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