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NaNOX9 Next Gen a little more than just a pump pre-workout

nanox9 next gen

Everything you need to know about Muscletech’s upcoming pump pill NaNOX9 Next Gen has now been released, following on from its unveiling just three days ago. All we were able to confirm in our last post on the supplement was the details from its bottle which included its effects and two ingredients. Those ingredients were Nitrosigine inositol arginine silicate and beta-alanine, two features that we now know sit alongside six others.

While it is surprising to see that Muscletech has squeezed a total of eight ingredients into NaNOX9 Next Gen, it’s even more surprising what some of those are for. Firstly we will confirm that Nitrosigine and beta-alanine are definitely in the product, and at doses of 1.5 and 1.6g. Previously we didn’t actually know for sure that the two were in there based on the small preview, however now that we have everything we can confirm it.

As for all the other ingredients in NaNOX9 Next Gen there is 150mg of hawthorn, 100mg each of pomegranate, choline bitartrate, rhodiola and eleuthero, and lastly 36mg of brown algae extract. We did say that some of the supplement’s ingredients have added some surprises to the mix, which is definitely the case as choline, rhodiola and eleuthero are in fact a part of NaNOX9’s NeuroAMP blend. Basically the three add a “neurosensory” side to the product, making a little more than just a pump pre-workout.

For a more in-depth description of NaNOX9 Next Gen, Muscletech has already added an entire page on the supplement to its website. For those just interested in the contents of the product we have added its facts panel down below, which like every other Performance Series supplement is 100% transparently dosed.

Muscletech NaNOX9 Next Gen

nanox9 next gen

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