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MAN’s new Game Day will have the same menu as Pump Powder

game day

While we have still yet to see the complete formula behind MAN Sports’ upcoming pre-workout sequel Game Day. We have got a little bit of an update on the supplement today, with confirmation of what flavors it is due to be available in. Making up the new Game Day’s menu is a small total of just three options, the same three in fact that can be found on MAN’s Pump Powder menu.

Alongside the previously confirmed Sour Patch Kids inspired Sour Batch, the brand’s reformulated Game Day is also going to have the Nerds inspired Dorks and the MAN classic, Blue Bomb-Sicle. Unfortunately that is where today’s small update ends, however we’re not actually too far away from the launch of the product. While no exact date has been set yet, MAN is hoping to have the reformulated Game Day out and available sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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