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Salted Caramel confirmed as Animal Whey’s 12th flavor

salted caramel animal whey

The latest flavor for Animal’s protein powder Animal Whey has been unveiled, and it turns out we weren’t even close with our guess of a peanut butter recipe. With so many common and creative options already on the supplement’s menu we figured a staple like peanut butter would be up next. Much to our surprise the brand has gone with yet another slightly uncommon flavor introducing Salted Caramel Animal Whey.

As mentioned the new Salted Caramel makes it 12 different flavors for the product, although that is based on both past and present options. The reason that comes into play is because at the moment you’ll likely only find Animal Whey in 10 flavors, as the limited edition Frank’s Birthday Cake is no longer available. As for when you can pick up Salted Caramel Animal Whey, it doesn’t appear to be in stock anywhere however stockists can now order it.

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