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Big announcement coming from AllMax tomorrow, possibly linked to #StopScoopLoss


Tomorrow AllMax Nutrition is going to make a relatively big announcement, which if you’ve been following the brand you may know a little bit about. Over the past few days AllMax has been posting memes based around the classic protein powder problem of the scoop being at the bottom of the tub. While that isn’t exactly an odd topic for a supplement company to touch on, its hashtags and marketing suggest there is a little more to it.

Basically all of AllMax’s recent images feature the hashtag #StopScoopLoss, which is also used in the images themselves. When you combine that sudden attention to a topic with the fact that the brand is announcing something big tomorrow, you can’t help but feel the two are linked. If they are in fact connected, our guess is it involves some kind of new packaging. As to what that different packaging is, we’ll just have to wait and see with all the questions being answered early tomorrow.

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